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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Changing Your "slide to..." Text

This can be done easily using iFile available in Cydia, directly from your iphone. We are just editing the text, this must be done with a theme already turned activated from within Winterboard.

The path is also listed in this photo, but just in case its:

var/stash/themes/theme name/bundles/ language

After experimenting with the best fit, length of phrase, and using this nifty site
there are some fun choices you can come up with. Just copy/paste in between the quotations.

You can get deeper into this, there is a larger system wide springboard.strings which have a much larger scope of what you can control, so just be careful if you think to go further.

I've just added most seen, or what I preferred, and rarely see anything else worth changing imho:)

Just save, respring, and check it out.


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Here we come

Hopefully the new central hub for all coming iphone theme updates.